A Discord AI chatbot with plenty of personality (for better or worse)!


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Instead of the normal and boring answers you would get from most AI chatbots, Sarcasma has more personality; she's funny, very sarcastic and also likes to make fun of the users she's talking with while at it! You can talk about pretty much anything, from answering questions to simply chatting for fun!

Easy To Configure!

It will take you less than a minute to get her ready to start talking in your server!


While Sarcasma's main feature is to always talk in a channel, you can also chat through commands if you don't want to dedicate a whole channel for her!

Great Uptime!

Sarcasma experiences minimal downtime, contributing to her high level of reliability so that you can keep chatting with barely any interferences!

Access To Extra Features!

Unlock additional features and customization options with our Premium plans, while also supporting us!


Sarcasma; the sarcastic chatbot that keeps you entertained

With Sarcasma, boredom is not on the menu. Dive into witty chats, enjoy the banter, and have a blast with hilarious responses – your time is going to be a total riot!

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Getting Started!

How to set up Sarcasma after adding her to your server!


An explanation of Sarcasma's commands.

Daily Usage

An explanation of how the Daily usage works.